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Librería Garcia Cambeiro

Librería García Cambeiro began in 1904 when its founder, Francisco García López, started selling books in the city of Buenos Aires. Beginning in 1955, under the direction of his son, Fernando García Cambeiro, LGC began specializing in attending to university and public libraries throughout the world.

Since the beginning, the guiding principle has been the same: to offer quality service that meet our clients´ needs. Four generations have followed this line, expanding the business vision and executing it with the latest technologies.

Selecting and delivering the best Argentinean and Brazilian books to university and public libraries has been our goal 50 years.

Currently, Librería García Cambeiro is dedicated to supplying libraries with books, serials, and multi-media materials, covering Argentina and Brazil, from our offices in Buenos Aires and Sao Pablo.

New technologies allow us to adapt our services to the demands and needs of each of our clients. In recent years, these technologies have brought together a wide range of additional services that facilitate selection, acquisition, and processing, allowing for better efficiency in the use of library resources.

Librería García Cambeiro: one century offering assistance at the level of a global corporation, but with the values and principles of a family business.