More than books: services and assistance for libraries



LGC LGC is run by the García Cambeiro family and specializes in locating, selecting, and supplying Argentine and Brazilian Latin Americans academic publications. For fifty years it has been the regional leader in offering books and serials with services to libraries throughout the world. About us, Mission and vision, Offices, Clients.


Services LGC provides its clients with a wide range of products and services aimed at solving the operational difficulties that they deal with today. Libreria Garcia Cambeiro: More than books, services and assistance for libraries.

Cataloging services.

Online catalog  

LGC going to give its clients access to its online catalog of over 120,000 titles from Argentina and Brazil, allowing them to locate books, serials, and audiovisual materials through a wide range of search options.

Digital division

The Digital Division was created with two related objectives: to offer clients exhaustive and pertinent academic content in digital format, and to facilitate the distribution of gray literature from the region.

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